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1. For every $35 donated, PFS will send a Snoozer Upper Body Pillow to a U.S. Soldier directly to their specified U.S. address. It is an awesomely comfortable pillow and unlike any pillow the soldiers have experienced before. They will love them for the quality alone, not to mention the message of support we are sending them.

2. PFS accepts any size donation. If you can't afford $35 or more, please donate what you can. 100% of your donation (minus Pay Pal fees) will go directly toward the purchase and shipment of Pillows to U.S Service Men and Women to thank them for their service to our country.

3. Click on the "MAKE A DONATION" button below

4. If you know of a deserving soldier, please CLICK HERE to access the form to send us their information. If you would like to notify us of more than one soldier, simply fill out the form as many times as you need. Please note that all information boxes must be filled in with the correct info(for verification purposes) before the form can be submitted.

5. If you would like a pillow shipped to a soldier who is out of the country, please give us a U.S. address of the family of the soldier, so they can make sure the soldier receives their pillow. We can not ship to Military APO addresses or P.O. Boxes at this time.

6. If you would prefer to pay by check or over the phone, or if you have trouble using the donation button below just give us a call @ 1-860-682-2001. You can send a check or money order made out to Pillows For Soldiers to Pillows For Soldiers (C/O David Busch), 20 Oak Hill Dr., East Haven, CT 06513.  Email:

Special Note: One thing has come to our attention that we want to ask your help with. Due to the shear volume of requests we are receiving (which is a great thing!), we are unable to inform the individuals receiving the pillows who the requesting party's are. This is especially relevant to people who are requesting pillows for fallen soldiers, when you may be sending to a spouse, brother, etc. Please use your discretion and inform the people you are requesting pillows for that you requested them from on behalf of the soldier. We want to be especially careful and considerate to families of fallen soldiers. The very last thing we want to do is to upset them in any way. We are here to do just the opposite. We are here to offer comfort, our heartfelt thanks and support. Please help us here as much as you can. Pillow shipments will be addressed in the fallen soldiers name (if applicable), because they are the individual being honored and remembered. Please let the families know this information. Thank You, David Busch, Founder,

If you have trouble using the donation button above just give us a call @ 1-860-682-2001